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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
Tor'Kaht's also a 4-module ship, which means for most people it'll cost $20.00, since Klingons don't get the benefit of a tier 5 ship they can buy to get the fleet discount.

Tor'Kaht, in the setup I proposed, would have an infinitely better BOFF layout, better consoles, better shields, better hull..

The K'Vort would be a free tier 5 ship that's only slightly better then the tier 4s, adding an aft weapon, and the Free Bortas' BOFF layout.

It'd be a free ship that was relatively fun, but wouldn't be pathfinding and wouldn't obsolete anything..
as I said, it's redundant. Making a Cruiser that looks like a BoP is even MORE redundant. One of the fundamental advantages of the KDF having so few hulls, is that there's room-you don't have to go with "Similar but looks different" the way you do with the Fed side-we actually have existing gaps that need filling in the roster, and unlike what you're asking after, my proposal doesn't cut into existing cashy-money business. The KDF don't have an equivalent even including the Fleet items. what you're asking after is as GOOD as a Tor'kaht, but won't cost what it costs if your model is followed-which cuts into the funding that might support keeping KDF material in the pipeline.

What I'm going after is a Have/don't have balance-we HAVE good cruisers already, in fact we have EXCELLENT cruisers, even on the 'free scale'. what we LACK is a Vesta-equivalent...including in that lack, all of the Fleet ships and C-store ships. Hell, we don't have a proper Tier 4 SCIENCE ship PERIOD, much less a T5 equivalent-the closest is a carrier with a turn rate of...what, 3? an atrociously designed Dreadnought??

You want to go over and just add *Yawn* another good cruiser to a lineup that is, minus one exception, ALL good-to-excellent Cruisers already.

We don't NEED a Cruiser, adding one that looks like a BoP won't address existing problems and won't, I guarantee, spur additional interest or excitement beyond "Hey, it looks like a Bop, but it's a CRUISER" , a bit like saying Innovation is defined as 'Hey, New Wallpaper!' and expecting it to drive interest and excitement.

Newsflash: it won't, because another good cruiser isn't needed. We have good cruisers, we also have one really BAD one that very likely hammered new content for the faction by not selling well enough to justify the cost of making it.

yet-another-cruiser isn't going to cut it, it's not going to address long standing issues and it's probably not going to generate the sales that would justify the investment in time, manpower and bandwidth used to create it and bring it to market.

The Market WOULD respond positively to a KDF ship with the following:

1) Good shields
2) decent hull
3)good manueverability
4) a full suite of Science ship abilities

Those five elements put together and you'll generate sales. The pattern for a Fed science ship at T4/5 is 3 weps front, 3weps back, six weapons. KDF have a chassis with 6 weapons, it's called "Bird of Prey", and the K'vort, other than the size, looks JUST LIKE ONE.

I'd suggest they wouldn't even need to give it a Universal Console power-just a BoP, slightly slower turn, but still fast, with a decent hull (30K or thereabouts) and good shields (.99 to 1.2 range) with four Sci consoles and a suite of science-ship powers would probably be POPULAR, charge 15 to 20 bucks and it'll sell, and it will play differently enough from Fed Sci ships to maintain that elusive "Factional differences"-four weps front, 2 rear, 2 item slots, done-a Vesta equivalent whose abilities aren't a copy/paste of another ship from the other side.

and a BoP-with-sci is probably a LOT less work than assigning all the different officer stations to fixed careers while maintaining some semblance of difference between ship classes. Means less work for the programmers and less work for the developers.
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