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12-24-2012, 02:12 AM
If you take a look at DC universe online people are receiving missions from iconic characters like superman etc. and not only interact with them during missions but even playing as them in pvp...

Why else have the license if you don't utilize the content.

Another thing I also expected coming into the game was learning through the academy.
2 minutes into the game you are made captain of your own ship, well game over I guess.

And of course adding to that the near total exclusion of bridge action or gameplay or involvement, am I even playing star trek.

Also I am a grown man. In star trek I saw torture and killing of innocents and what not.
It just doesn't add up with mixing a cocktail for scotty in night of the comet.

I didn't feel any type of involvement at any time knowing I was playing a linear generic story made for children. It didn't make any difference what I thought or did, all I had to do was find the right place to press "f" in a world that's completely off.

So basically I rushed to level 50 to play stf with the other faction we are supposedly at war with and here we are.

Albeit I have to say it's a huge undertaking because for me when I play I am the story, so it has to impact my actual gameplay and I have to be able to interact back, so I certainly don't expect anything out of the developers.
Given the choice I'd much rather have them work on items or maps than useless cutscenes.

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