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12-24-2012, 02:23 AM
Just had a thought about this Veteran/newbie issue...

The game can track damage and healing numbers, number of deaths and kills, accolades and number of played matches and so on, right?
So shouldn't it be possible to average those numbers out and compare the resulting PvP index of each player entering a queue and match them up as best as possible, so you likely end up eye to eye with your opponents without seperate queues.
If matching up similar skill levels use a handicap system.

Debuff the Veteran and buff the newbie. This won't generate magical skills for the newbie and he will still have a hard time winning, but at least he should not die AS fast anymore and have the opportunity to learn during a fight.
Blowing up repeatedly in 3 seconds has no educational value, every information on WHY you lost flies by too fast, hence frustration...

The steeper the skill index difference, the higher the handicap for the veteran.
And the difference can be very significant, I remember dueling a high level captain with a low commander and won by a landslight. And I am not a hardcore PvPer, I consider myself just above average...

Make this index account wide so it can't be abused by veterans making new toons with neutral indexes.

Edit: The skill index could also influence the reward, so killing helpless newbs won't generate as much fleetmarks as seasoned veterans.

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