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12-24-2012, 02:29 AM
I'd laugh at a pvp reputation system that only gave me pvp marks for winning.

That's exactly why I am doing pve to begin with, the profit is simply bigger...

However the other side of that is of course people abusing it and playing to lose to get it over with as I said. And just doing a reputation system will not fix pvp in itself, only temporaily inflate it while people grind through it.
If you think the afk'ing on stf is bad wait till you see whole fleets show up with no shields and all power to engines in a connie.

I might not earn any pvp marks if I don't play it but you know what neither will pvp'ers if I don't show up.
Thinking I'd be interested in showing up for a fight where I lose time and stf rewards in exchange for helping another person go through his pvp repuation is laughable, not even once.

Either scenario doesn't fix the lack of fun in playing pvp in itself though and even having to talk about paying people to go play pvp goes to show the magnitude of the problems.


Even if you decided to do generic ships, say iconic ships premade, you'd still face the problem of invalidating people's effort to build their own.

It's a reporting error®

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