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12-24-2012, 02:34 AM
A Tax? Seriously, what a stupid idea. Like we need another sink.
It's Cryptics fault for nerfing Dilitium income in the first place.
Even when they restored it, they set the fall in motion and people with lots of Dilthium saw they didn't have to pay for the current rate if they aren't in a hurry.
So they just didn't buy for a while hoping for a better rate.
And without people buying up offers since there is nothing good in the C-Store it just kept on falling.
Adding some scam like an artificial tax won't do a thing. You're just going to get even less than now.

I don't know if this was Cryptics goal or not. I mean they had to see this coming.
With a system like the Dilithium exchange in place, where Dil and Zen can easily be exchanged.
If you up the value of Dilithium by decreasing the supply, while Zen currently has the same uses as before, lockbox gambleing and buying Fleet modules.

I suppose they were hoping people with too much money on their hands will keep on buying regardless of the bad rates to get their Dilithium supply.
I don't know if it worked or if everyone just stopped buying Zen until the rates get better.

But personally I like it. I have tons of Dilitium, and can buy Zen for cheap.

Edit: Of course they claimed the Dilithium nerf would *increase* the amount of Dilithium. So maybe they just are that stupid.

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