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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
dontdrunkimshoot your build can this be edited for a assault cruiser refit regent class and a dreadnought ?

please can you post a vesta and dreadnought build ( yeah i know the dread a noob ship ). just be nice to see these build please

also do you have a good eng skill plan to work with a aux2bat build

thank you
with the regent, the only change would be going without ET1, and useing the 180 deg torp fore or aft with whichever torp ability you want.

the dread, well you can make it a decloak alpha striker with DHCs, or just run it like an assault cruiser. its proboly best with all beams, take a look at one of my vorcha build for station setups and emulate that

look here for some of the best vesta setups

i'll get to making some good example skill point setups here soon
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