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12-24-2012, 04:21 AM
I think the story mission are the best part of STO. Everything else is a glorified content lacking MMO. 6STF as endgame content for YEARS. 3 classic mmo map for the whole game (nukara, deferi borg invaded, new romulus).
Some part of the story is not really good, but some is cool. The end part of Romulan story arc, Klingon first missions or the 2800 are good. Some missions are simply awesome (coliseum, cutting the cord). Some involve unique gameplay (boldly they rode), and some awesome map (facility 2048).
Some need rework (borg and Undine seasons). And some have bad memories attached (Cage Of Fire pathfinding, horrible for years).

I won't answer to the question, because I'm biased. I can remember almost every mission, because I have quite a good memory, and can remember any plot and detail from any game/movie for years. Needless to say I don't watch my DVD very often
I can remember even the bad plot of bad movies/game. I can even remember the plot and detail about Unreal Tournament, and it's just a random plot. Liandri, and stuff, remember ? I do.

I think they should make Episodes every 3months or so, like new serie/season we have in TV series. Add some "easy to add" grind in between, like the romulan reputation or a single STF, so we have something to do in between. Add new romulus as a season with featured episode.
IMO content like Nukara, new romulus ground or deferi borg invasion use to much work, for little. I went once in deferi, and find the reward useless, and the content unfun. Nukara, I did both time, and find it was the same. New Romulus is GW2 with phasers, and it's more annoying than GW2. I won't do it again, except for the mission each tier.

I think they'll find more strength in making story based episode regularly, instead of useless and difficult to develop ground map. If they try to do the same than others MMOS, they'll fail, because others are already better about it.

How much time to develop the mission and cutscene of New Romulus without the whole map ? Just make the city and staging area, add a teleporter to mission, and that's it. You can keep the rest.