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12-24-2012, 04:24 AM
Hi i`m flyin recluse as well, and this is how i run it foe stf`s:

Ensign Tac: Tactical team1
Ensign Science: science team1
Lt. Com.Eng: EPtS1, RSP1, aux2sif2
Lt. Com. sci : TB1, TSS2, HE3
Com. sci: HE1, TSS2, TBR2, GW3

In pvp tho, i fly different boff layout offcourse witch looks like this;

Ensign Tac: TT1
Ensign Science: ST1
Lt. Com. Science: HE1, HE2 , TSS3
Lt. Com. Eng: EPtA1, ES1, ES2
Com. Eng: EPtS1, RSP1, EPtS III, A2SIF III

The only difference is i`m sci not an eng, I hope this set ups might work for u

For consoles, i would throw off that tatryon thingie console, tbh I dont see it rly ussefull.
Engi consoles: 2 neutroniums, 2 SIF generators
Sci consoles: 2 field generators 2 shield emitters (not the regen ones)
Tac consoles: 2 pulse gens

In PvP i put up some chorniton mines in back, and torp lancher in front so i have only 3 beams, that allows me to run ful aux power.
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