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12-24-2012, 04:15 AM
IMO K'vort would fit as a big destroyer more then an big cruiser or an sized-up raider. I know K'vort was said to be a "battlecruiser" but I don't see the use of BoP-looking cruiser other then just for looks for some peeps. Personally, would love to see 4/3 weapon slots, 4 tac/3 eng/3 sci consoles and universal boff slots so it makes a solid ship for all captains - with 30k or slightly bit more hull points and 0.9 shield modifier with a very good manuverability for it's size. This would make a good heavy destroyer or a flavor of escort I suppose. I also see in this sense an standard cloak because battle one would be slightly op. This is all of course imho.

I'll be honest and say I'd be happy to get any kind of new ship on KDF - free or otherwise at this point.