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Originally Posted by ivantomdisplay View Post
They just make players slightly better, in what they do. I acutaly had problem while testing it, against 5 ships in kerrat, and by myself, alone, my KHG shields seems to work better, then Elite
This is not enough

Originally Posted by flotahispana View Post
Elite Fleet shields are more broken than the Omega T4 passive was. It needs inmediate fix.
Yeah, everything is, broken, FIX IT, right?

I was playin match yesterday with pug from OPVP and we vent against 4 S.OB. guys (last person was guy feom my fleet TFS) they where all running adaptive shields, and guess what, we alomst won the match ! 15-11, only reason why we lost was screwd up target calls in 2nd half of the match and lack of 1 more sci on our side IMO. Elite shields works great, and i think only ppl who are used to win all the time are complaining about them.
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[*]All Warbird descriptions have been updated, typoes removed, and gramer corrected.