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We just got decimated by a russian fleet which had a very interesting setup, something which really defined what russian is: Quantity! (aka spammed to death). Danubes, tholian fighters and it looked like all of them were running the romulan hyper plasma torpedo along with elite fleet gear from the starbase store. On top of that blend in a regular use of scramble sensors and every conceivable p2w universal console in the game. A UI nightmare.

Well, I admit we had a horrible setup (5 sci captains) which lacked dps overall and total breakdown in coms. So we could have done much better. Still, they won, and one can discuss how "cheesy" and "cheap" it was. But to be damn honest they just did what I have been advocating for a long time: Use everything availble in the game to win, and let no one demand or say what you cannot do or use.

edit: Those fleet elite shields have an insane resistance!!!
What happened to us yesturday, is our fleet pugmade were destroyed by another pugmade with huge amount of spam of advanced scorpion fighters which spawn double amount, mines, etc etc. We did have one aceton launcher and one gravity well but that wasn't enough. It was the days of glorious spam from s4-s5, i cant remember anymore. I didnt even know that was possible, tbh. What happened next is this: Thinking that they will que again, we changed our toons, put some spam in it, and rolled two pugs and one premade, in next 3 matches. Got bad words from a last premade, and i knew exactly how they felt, cos we felt like that 30 mins ago. We weren't gloating. This kind of action only hurts pvp. IF u want to try spam setups (or any other stuff in game), contact the team u want in to fight in advance, tell them what u want to try.

On topic, i would like to add House of Oversized V@ginae, khm, House of beautiful Orions (as one of the few KDF fleets that actually do PVP regularly) , to premade list, since we finally got our team speak up and working, even tho we still dont have full premade team, but we need good matches. PM @IvanTom, and state your conditions. Also, match can be scheduled couple of days in front, so we can get players online.
Of course, in fleet of 500+ members I hope you realize that no one can be held responsible what people use outside of arranged matches, where at least 50 players from our fleet have every item available/power/tier in game, with almost finished starbase system. We could easily make at least 3 teams as that Russian fleet. Luckily those guys hardly pvp.

Good games, and see ya in que.
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Poor soul didnt have time to log out.

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