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So my eyes were lying to me when I saw doctor mccoy and scotty ?
Cryptic had to acquire their licenses specifically for that Featured Episode series. I didn't say it was impossible, as they appear to be doing this very thing with Denise Crosby right now, but it is additional expense in terms of licensing fees, and time spent wrangling out contracts with whoever it is owns the license to that character.

It is possible that it was easier for Cryptic to get the license for Scotty and Bones because James Doohan and DeForest Kelley have died. When the person portrayed is alive, there's all sorts of legal issues, but once they are deceased licensing can become easier. I would suggest that this is why we have seen Scotty and Bones in person, but only heard Spock over a voice only communication system.

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!