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12-24-2012, 06:10 AM
I've tested the weapon and various stuff.
-Flamethrower is great. It's a really fun weapon, and I hope it won't be nerfed.
However, I found the 2nd power a bit underwhelming compared to the first power. I understand the "more AoE for less damage per shot", but it's simply better to move and have them all in the first power arc than using power 2. I though the power 2 would be a persistent ground aoe, with some CD.
Also, borg adapt to plasma damage from flamethrower (really quick), but the flamethrower damage is not affected, as it should be. OFC, if the borg adapt so quickly to it, and you can't damage them once adapted, the flamethrower will become useless in STF. Even with the borg adaptation Omega bonus, they still adapt in less than a second. However, I don't mind using it only for non borg mission.

-Borg prosthetics : I tested the one with the more DPS. Kind of blast assault. I found the DPS being lacking. The power 2 do a lot of damage, but the 1 doesn't. Overall, except for damage spike from time to time, it's useless.

-Reman/Romulan set. I think the Romulan set is the same so we have an alternative look. I like it, the Romulan set give a greenish look to the ship, while the reman is more blue.
The set is nice, and the shield power is very strong. I can't say if it's too strong or not, I just tested in normal mission and I found I was unkillable during its activation. But as I say, normal story mission are not really dangerous.
I also found the plasma torpedo to shoot a bit to fast, and you make a torpedo string to the target most of the time. Maybe start the cd once the animation is over, and make the animation quicker ? Don't nerf the cd too much, because the dmg/torp is low, and they can be destroyed.

-Borg cutting laser/torp set. I found it very lacking DPS wise. Even with the combo tractor beam/cutting laser. The torp is nice, but the rest is not interesting IMO. Not enough damage, and almost useless against shield.