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12-24-2012, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This means more players in the queues, which means more players wanting to see PvP content, which means the greater possibility of us spending developer resources on it.

Worst approach EVER!

What happened to "build it and they will come"?

So you expect me to waist my time playing your crappy PVP to tell you to make more of it which you will see via Dataming and Statistics? ...
how about i tell you right now, i would love to PVP in STO, but yours is crap, make it better, invest some time, you have done nothing for it in 3 YEARS. Just like you have done nothing for exploration, unless something gamebreaking happens you don't touch that stuff.

Sorry, no 10 horses will get me to play your 2 Map PvP game any longer unless something actually interesting happens there.

There are plenty of other games out there and if you don't give me the player vs player experience that scratches that itch sufficiently, then i will just click on Battlefield 3 instead (and i have done so for 200+ hours so far (if you love statistics so much, here are some!). Granted my STO playtime is 3000+ hrs now, but very few of those are PvP hours).

If you can up your PvP queue numbers by financially cheap PR stunts like that boot camp one, good for you, but you won't see me participating, i don't need a boot camp i need fun gameplay.
A PvP Reputation System better comes with some uber epic PvP improvements, not just one new map or whatever and a requirement to play it 5000 times.

The best definition for your PvP i can think of would be: "Your PvP is what i would call a Demo Version, for a Game, that i get on Xbox Live for $10, and is fun for half an hour but you stick around for 5 hours and ask yourself WHY?!"

What you need/should/would be nice of you to do is build a PvP Game that is FUN, and then People will come on their own.