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Originally Posted by senshibat01 View Post
A good reason to want more console slots.. Happy Christmas Eve You Z..
and minions of 10
I would use more of the univeral consoles if they had specialized slots. Other than the Cloaking Device and Multi-Vector Assault Mode consoles, I only use the oodd other on ships they came with. The KDF 1,000 Vet Day reward ship has a nice console for it. Not using that really takes away from the ship like the other two I've mentioned. With the Vesta, I use the Focus Phaser and the Hull/SHield Repair because those compliment the build on a ten console ship. If I could only use one, it would easily be the Hull/Shield Repair console.

Happy Christmas Eve to my favorite person in the whole wide world, all of the 10ites, and everyone else!

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