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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Thanks so much for the review. I often struggle with some decisions, and was aware that the 'grindy' element of the mission would be there. Many of the stories you encounter, including much of that Andorian tradition, etc. will be present and expanded as the episodes unfold. It is an attempt at giving enough story to get you interested to come back and play the future episodes through teases of dialogue that will pay off in later missions. (which I will also be asking you to review.)

Thanks very much for the review and there are lots of things I can go fix now, like spaces before punctuation. I considered beefing the story reveals as well to avoid the "and suddenly it gets grindy" aspect, but having already started on the opening dialogs of the second episode. I think I will leave them as is.

Again, thanks man.
Glad I could help.

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