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There are some pvp tutorial missions you get at the beggining at Lieutenant rank from Makza and Calhoun at DSK7 :

- Salvaged Relationships in the Neutral Zone (WarZones)
- Keeping your Enemies at Bay (Arenas)
- Ending Enemy Expansion ( C&H Scenarios)

I know there are a number of Removing...Headquarters.. , Hostile Engagements Against.... , War Zone Of Klingon....... missions that we get offered during level up at each rank.

My question is do we have to complete these tutorial missions at Lieutenant Rank in order to be able to see or get offered all those Removing...Headquarters...., Hostile Engagements Against...., War Zone Of Klingon.... missions or will i be able to see them offered even if i don't complete these initial tutorials at Lieutenant but say later on at RA?

Last time i leveled a char i remember missing those Removing...,Hostile Engagements..., War Zone missions & i couldn't figure out why.

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