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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
In the "special" tab on the left for item placement there are options for reach markers, respawn points, and a couple of other things.

You place them onto the map and then set objective to "Reach Marker" in the storyboard section. When placing these markers remember that you must manually enter their radius or it defaults to zero which makes them impossibile to hit.

Use "Componant Reached" to activate objects and effects based on hitting these reach markers.
NICE, thanks. Been wondering how to force an object spawn from an NPC.

...Now if I could figure out how to 'automatically' make a mission success or fail based on an NPC surviving I'll be golden, but the above gives me an idea for a workaround.

Ya, waypoints work 'kinda' but I gotta group that doesn't always patrol, I guess it depends on how the server feels that day. I tried someone elses advice about costuming my patrolling ships but even the 'weak' NPC mobs are too powerful for my needs. I was wondering if I could make a REALLY underarmed NPC wander down an invisible corridor and still be killable from the outside instead of using these patrol waypoints. Is there a way to force an NPC mob to wander to a specific point without using patrol points ? I guess the answer is still no.

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