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# 1 Weapon setup for MRSV
12-24-2012, 08:28 AM
At level 48 now, I just purchased an MRSV last evening to acclimate myself with play more befitting a science officer (and as a test bed before I purchase an Aventine-class when I get the zen), having run with escorts since tier 3. For what it's worth, with my Nova-class and Miranda before it I ran with cannons and turrets; having flown an Akira, Defiant, and Prometheus for the last 28 levels I have experience aplenty with maneuvering, to line up frontal volleys at range and up close, flank, and keep shields strong.

Currently, I'm flying her with two dual polaron beam banks and my choice of a chroniton or tricobalt torpedo launcher afore. Abaft, currently I'm using a single polaron beam (for subsystem targeting on my flanks and aft) and dual polaron turrets. With no skill points in projectile weapons (and focusing my tactical consoles on polaron damage), torpedoes are more or less supplemental damage versus hulls and debuffing tools for me. Though, I will say I enjoy the tricobalt launcher for the ability to launch a spread into a gravity well (or tag a target hit with viral matrix with a heavy tricobalt device).

With the MRSV's default turn rate of 11, I feel a bit sluggish for relying heavily upon dual beam banks. I find myself using evasive maneuvers to retreat to ~9Km then turn at the end of its duration for a second pass often enough to wonder if I should switch to single beams and broadside until facing shields are down, then come about to launch torpedoes. Of course, that's counterbalanced by the fact my primary offensive science powers, gravity well and viral matrix, have 90-degree frontal arcs...and I'm used to flying escorts so anything with a default turn rate below 14 and inertia below 50 or so feels sluggish to me.

Are dual beam banks worthwhile on the MRSV?

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