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loved the idea of a enterprise A shaped hotel in las vegas a few years back...but actually building a spaceship in that shape seems, excuse my language, idiotic!
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If I remember correctly in space you can build a ship any ship you want since there is no air in space so don't have to worry about aerodynamics? You can build a giant donut or Lego brick and is would be fine.
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I don't believe any other weapons are planned for the ship. Though they could probably add more if needed.

Presumably it would use some kind of high-power radio transmitters. You're right, that's not listed on the site.
Also so what not listed, escape pods, if anything were to happen to the main ship how will the crew escape other than the vehicle they are taking with but could that hold the whole crew, last thing I want to see Titanic in space. To many lives are lost due to arrogance as well as other things.