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Just wondering how things are going...........

Originally Posted by lastcontact View Post
Due to the recent events (S7). Has anyone else had/noticed a drop in activity?

If not, why not?

If so, why?

My reasons are as follows:

1) I look back and see I do not have much to log in for, every 2 days or so on 1 or 2 toons is all I can handle.

2) There is no reason for me to log now, I did grind 25-30 toons thru the daily Investigate's for the dil and marks to work on fleet stuff ..... not now.

3) What the game was for me is gone, all that is left is 'content'. Or crippled attempts to do what was being done over a year ago. "Just bad foundary grinds on SOME new maps".

*Can STO recover?

What would it take? (to get the stats from 30 days ago, consultant fee pending)

a) try a bad attempt at recovering via make it like it was to appease
b) get/put them back, those who were doing 14 months ago and fix what is broken
c) FIRST have a 'wanna work here?' with staff house cleansing.

This is from my (and others I know, not speaking for them) view ON STO recovering in my mind TO ME and FOR ME.
A recovery is needed for me to regain INTREST again.

How are things now? I have not logged on for awhile......