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As a final word, it is without a doubt that we would like to see STO's PvP to be as epic as it's PvE content. The above will help us get there, and once we do, I can't imagine another game that could have as epic PvP as STO would have.


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The rest of this thread has all been said before, and I think there are some good ideas in there, and while I don't PvP in STO, some of these ideas might make it more interesting to me. However, the above section just makes me laugh, I'm sorry, but it does. STO's PvE can be pretty good, some of it might even be epic, some of the 2800 series I think got pretty close. But STO's PvP in anything like its current form will never be epic, IMHO. Part of that is the current system is basically jousting at a fair, with limited numbers and no real injury possible in a match. The other part is I used to play EvE Online, and honestly once you've run through systems throwing rocks at the hunting dogs until finally you're trapped and you swarm those chasing you and manage to blow a ship that is worth more than all of your loses combined, and you sit back, fitting your next ship and waiting for the next time you can fly it like that, well, nothing much else comes close.

But still, maybe come back when you can have two ships hunting each other in a nebula, each questing for the other, battle damage slowly mounting until one gets the drop on the other. Or have two massive fleets colide with each other, destruction all around until one sides surrenders or is totally destroyed. Make it feel like I'm in one of the fleet battles from DS9, or in one of the duels from the movies, and make it count, so if I lose that ship, that at least is it for the match. Then maybe I'll call it epic.
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