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12-24-2012, 10:08 AM

Bortas'qu > Odyssey > Vesta

Bortas'qu looks better while shooting Weapons [turrets turrets everywhere!], Odyssey has BEAMS coming from the rear end tip of the nacelles (looks utterly silly if you broadside imho, weapon hardpoints do not belong on warp nacelles, thats like a car shooting from its tires!),
also the 3 Consoles do not cancel each other out by cooldown but work better together!

Odyssey is better than the Vesta because the 3 Variants are actually different, the 3 Vesta Variants are all the same and only have minor alibi differences,
Console Slots are a bit different but don't matter if you have one more Tac/Sci/Eng slot, because you can just swap the UNIVERSAL consoles around like you need it anyway,
and Energy levels can be adjusted manually so initial Powerlevel Boni don't really matter.
So you are buying 3x the same ship with a different Skin and Pay2Win consoles.
BOff Slots are all the Same.

and personally i tried the Vesta but i don't like the visuals of the console powers.

and to top it off, the Odyssey just looks more detailed than the Vesta.
I guess thats a Captain Logan vs. JamzJamz quality thing...

JamzJamz makes good ships, but he usually leaves the bottom and the rear end with very few Details (observed on Armitage too). The Oddy has a strong detailed rear end and bottom hull, looks like a real Ship to me and not some Polygon faximile of a Ship, the Vesta gives me OCD when i look at it from behind with it's lack of rear end detail.

In the End... Vesta is not fun if you don't like Science Ships / Skills, if you already fly a Nebula or Intrepid and love them, than the Vesta might be for you.

Oddy + Bortas'qu are more adaptable than the Vesta and good for Engineer and Tac Captains and works for Sci Captains too.