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So after my long grind every day since launch of season 7 and anticipation of the super-secret Romulan set I was so hoping to be impressed by what this set was going to be like. While its perfromace is mediocre compared to other sets such as the adapted MACO XII, OMEGA XII or Assimilated XII sets I was prepared to deal with it as I do with my Reman set because of how it is so visualy stunning with it's green irredescense. Same with the Jem' Hadar set I use all Polaron weapons and love the visual my ship has with it's all purple effects. When you see it in battle and how it enhances the plasma I want to use it. My love for the Romulans and this build gave me nothing but a let down when all you get is a small transparent overlay with only the shields. Please, reconsider your design and give each of the pieces an enhancement to ships. Make them far more drastic. Give us the feeling that enriches the ships to give us the feeling that we have modified our ships to a Romulan Mogai, D'deridex or dare I say Scimitar. Check into this!