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12-24-2012, 10:36 AM
No, the different stats are not due to bugs. It's due to the pop-up information being updated in near real time according to skill levels, bufs and debbuffs in your character. Teh game has different modes of operation. Space (mission) map, Ground (mission) map, Sector Space maps, and Social Ground/Space maps. While on those various maps, certain skills, abilities and equipment are partially or entirely disabled. In Sector Space virtually every skills, abilities and equipment are disabled. So equipment stats won't be entirely accurate. To see space or ground equipment properly, you need to view the pop-up info or /info on a mission map of the appropriate type (Ground for Ground gear and Space for Space gear).

And even then they will appear different to different people. Ships have modifiers on them that affect certain space gear like Escorts having a higher engine modifiers and Science ships having higher shield modifiers. And something that's not readily know is that ships have a modifier that affects weapon damage. The modifier is increases as the Tier of the ship increases.