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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
You're not even listening at this point. You want a free ship that everyone's going to get after a 10 minute mission to be the solution to all that ails the KDF, and it's not going to happen. Nor should it.

It's free, it should be a toy, it shouldn't really be a ship that's taken seriously or it'll be the only thing anyone uses anymore because everyone's going to have one..
and YOU are asking Cryptic to GIVE you a better cruiser than the ones you have to pay for, while complaining about the cost of the Fleet Ship modules.

this thread is all speculation anyway, for all the furor over the Dev tweets in another thread, fact is we don't have anything solid or official saying we're going to get anything at all, much less anything discussed here. We both have "Should have" lists, and "Should Be" lists. You want another BC when we already HAVE good BC's, I want something we don't have five copies of already.

I sincerely doubt either of our lists are going to be looked at seriously, but I also suspect that the 'anniversary ship' is going to be a pre-release of something they want to sell, and frankly, my idea's more likely to sell than yours, esp. if the c-store version has the traditional universal console item, but the anniversary version does not.

As for "curing all the ills" I'm afraid you have the wrong number there-a new ship isn't going to, by itself, generate twenty levels' worth of new content, add costume items, change the UI colour to whatever suits a user, add thirty or so levels of faction-specific filler between the converted Feddie missions, resolve the Fel'Khri storyline, resolve the Undine in a satisfying and intelligent way, grant decent mission content in the Tau Dewa sector that a Klingon warrior WOULD be doing at Lt. General, repair the lag at Qo'Nos, flesh out the races in the Klingon Empire, provide storyline to the Gorn rebellion (so that "Rebel Gorn" actually make sense) or insight into the Orions, or story material for the Letheans, Ferasans...

savvy me? the thread headline asks a question, I answer it based on what I think would sell AFTER the anniversary. Re-Dressed cruisers probably aren't it, but given the long-standing demand for a decent, non-carrier, KLINGON, Sci-ship type (one people will actually PLAY, as opposed to buying for the console as most often happens re: the two Gorn ships), I'm fairly sure a full-on Science-ship based on the BoP will sell. Hell, one based on a Raptor chassis would sell (probably better), but the K'Vort already LOOKS like a Bird of Prey, people already make the association, TNG episode or not, and the conversion wouldn't be as hard or un-balanced in terms of game mechanics.

The Vet reward ship was a Destroyer-but that Destroyer is pretty much everything a Raptor SHOULD have been, and isn't. Following the pattern, a K'Vort SHOULD be some kind of Sci ship/BoP, not Cruiser-because it's filling a space in the roster and there's an intent to sell a BETTER one later-meaning you shouldn't be looking at a ship equivalent to ANY of the pay-version Vor'Cha(s? Pl?), the Negh'Var, or any of the Fleet vessels out the gate, esp. in the one area the devs gave us a (small) advantage-Cruisers.

For ALL WE KNOW (for certain) the ship we're talking about won't even be available-your ten minute mission COULD end up dropping another Lock-Box you have to buy keys for, with a 1-5% chance of getting a ship-maybe.
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