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12-24-2012, 11:53 AM
I pretty much agree with Zerobang, too, though I've never minded the upgrinder, even as an avid DOffer. I didn't abuse it, but I did like it as an easy way to outfit the crew of my lesser-played Alt characters and/or for the ability to get "themed" crews (the All Vulcan Crew, All Gorn, or whatever). Now I won't proceed with that, as it's too expensive.

So I don't do upgrinds any more, and I don't do General Recruitments, either. I might do the former if I could know what I was getting as a result, even if just the category (Tactical, Medical, etc.), but getting Chefs and Bartenders is just way too frequent, and, as with 'Bang, another Purple Tellarite Bartender I do not need.

Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
...IMHO, Starbase chefs should offer all possible replicator items, Starbase bartenders should offer all possible replicator items, Starbase Security Officers should take 3 instead of 5 contraband turn in (the "old" price) in exchange for dilithium, Starbase Personnel Officers should give free general recruitments, Cultural Exchanges should return uncommon or better DOffs, ... you get the idea. A lot of resources have been poured into these starbases, with nothing truly rewarding in return.

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