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12-24-2012, 11:06 AM
Anyone see thier pets run off and pick a fight with someone else after a battle in PvE?

I just watched my Orion Slavers pick a fight with Scorpion Fighters and win and then pick a a fight with Romulan BoPs and hold thier own.

I was out of combat range and so I watched for a while all the explosions and disruptor beams firing. Not one of my fighters died and I'd watch as once every few seconds or so damage would spike to 2000 to 3000 or more. I guessing its when a mine went off with an occassional crit.

Occassionally I'd see a Photon Mine get blown up by the enemy, so I guess they made descent decoys as well as weapons. My pets had pets

Even with out stealing stuff which I never pay keep track of anyways, My Orion Slavers are fun. I think they're the closest thing the KDF gets to proper attack shuttle craft pets, only you get three per wing instead of two. Thier like hybred shuttle/fighters.

Can't wait till I get the Advanced Orion Slavers with thier Quantum Mines.