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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
True, but when it comes to such things, PvErs would also want as well.

And having a system that you only gain by winning would be a major negative, because if you are in a PuG vs a Hardcore group, well you ain't going to win. Which would cause complaints and quitting.

Also, lets not forget how PvErs are using Private queues right now for Dilithium Farming, just to avoid PvP. So a PvP reputation system will not serve as incentive to increase the actual PvP population.
Check my suggestion again, Separate Team Ques from Pug ques-like they did with shuttles vs. everything else. If your toon is in a Team, it can only que for Team PvP, not PuG. Saves everyone a lot of hassle on both ends that way, and you basically can put a brake on some of the bullying that's sabotaged efforts to improve PvP-basically I'm saying "yes, allow premades-but only against other premades, and allow PuGging, but only against other PuGs".
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