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mine are white/green/a few blue torpedo energy weapons from jem hadar missions(2800 series) for disabling freighters marauding and confiscate from crew i can get 5 contraband with a crit sometimes got it just yesterday but, a lot still fail. i get a few hypos myself i should throw all my bridge officers in the brig for having hypos the ones with large probably need throwing out the airlock
Fair warning, I am a legitimate jinx, tested as such by the statistics department at UC santa barbara many years ago because one of the professors called my ex-roommate a liar after some of the stories of my dice rolling in our D&D game.

Two fast examples: my record for consecutive collapsing particles in the academy event is 42 (meaning the worthless ones you have no chance to get any particles from). my current record for failed "confiscate contraband from crew" with a success rate of over 60% (meaning both crit and success combined) was 38 times in a row, I critted on the 39th.

So my results will never be "normal". However, I got two critical successes on marauder missions over the weekend. From the first I received 1 contraband and 3 small hypos. From the second I received 1 contraband, 1 romulan ale and 1 medium power cell. I can't recall ever getting more than 1 contraband on a success or a crit. It may have happened, but I don't recall it. Also, I've only been playing for a touch over 2 months so not a whole lot of data yet.

Sign up to the "Call Tuffli" channel.

A group of freighter captains have started this as a way to give people regular access to a tuffli and its resouces.

Just put a call out on that channel and someone will send you an invite.