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12-24-2012, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Check my suggestion again, Separate Team Ques from Pug ques-like they did with shuttles vs. everything else. If your toon is in a Team, it can only que for Team PvP, not PuG. Saves everyone a lot of hassle on both ends that way, and you basically can put a brake on some of the bullying that's sabotaged efforts to improve PvP-basically I'm saying "yes, allow premades-but only against other premades, and allow PuGging, but only against other PuGs".
Yes, I saw your post. But this has been brought up many times in the past.

It has been argued by hardcore PvP teams / fleets that doing such a thing would hurt their play, for it would reduce their queues from poping.

Second, it's really not going to stop newb vs hardcore player domination, unless the PvP queues are tiered as to give newbs a chance to aclimate.

Third, even with this PvP Bootcamp, the majority of people still won't know how to PvP, because it's vastly different from PvE. They are use to clicking Emergency Shields, but not knowing how to tank to survive. That's how great the difference is with PvP in STO. So Cryptic needs to balance the field so a newb in a cruiser poping just emergency shields has a chance against a hardcore player in an escort that blows up people in a few seconds.