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12-24-2012, 12:37 PM
I did a similar build and it works well enough for PvE. Just keep in mind that the p.d. photon console is useless, with its 3 minute cooldown. Most of the enemies you will hit with it will have enough shields to ignore the torpedoes. A build like this is better focused on single targets than spreads so you might want to plan for that. Also, while tetryon sounds good in theory, in practice phasers work better for some reason.

I am still testing different things. For example right now I am trying a quad cannon and dbb with a beam array at the back, plus two BO2 and HY3. Things seem to die faster than they did before with C:RF using 2 DHC at the front and a turret behind, plus the 2 torp launchers on each facing, but I have yet to run it using a parser to compare. Of course if they are similar I might keep it like this, just to see people froth at the mouth for running a "beam escort"

Those two turrets are useless, you might want to replace them with two more photon torpedo launchers, so you can keep shooting while you are moving away to start another attack run.
Also it goes without saying, you need 3 purple projectile doffs slotted for this to work.
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