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12-24-2012, 12:40 PM
go learn from Bloodline Champions

balance and sets, consoles? if u don't know how ans when 2 use them, they are worth nothing..

btw . in space, the maps are not the problem. the problem is the lack of purpose and no ladder/team effort..

build it, they will come.
give FED'S the incentive to team up and LEARN. to try harder. reward players for that with extra shinies (costumes, titles, ship materials, unlocks).. as of now, i would not queue into a FED PUG, because even if my ship is set up propoerly, the "team" are 99,99% probability a bunch of PVE noobs which will just give me 3 horrible minutes of humiliation.

This is FAR better on KDF side.

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