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12-24-2012, 01:03 PM
Am I bad for mounting the Hargh'peng on my main KDF toon because I think it's neat looking?

No really. I love the animation and purply glow/fx of the torp, rad burn, and AoE S'plosion.

The fact that I get decent performance while being aesthetically pleased is only bonus to me... I'd probably still use the torp even if it were a terrible weapon. Sorry, as much as I typically min/max things, sometimes I just like to enjoy playing and looking at the perddy colors. lol

I do have a question: Where does a KDF character get a Purple Mk XI version of the Launcher? The two I have are only Rare-quality Mk XIs (from Crafting, ages ago). I saw some stranger drop a Purple Mk XI version into Zone chat last night, but didn't get an adequate answer as to how he got it.

Sure, looks pretty, but I would still like the best possible... Along those lines, is there an Mk XII available anywhere?

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