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It's a perfectly legit (and harmless) question. He just want's to know how to fine-tune dialog to balance narrative immersion with player variety. I have no idea what he's done or what attitudes he's represented in other threads, but I see no PC agenda implied here by this thread.

Back on topic:
From what I remember of the of the shows/movies, "sir" is lore-correct for addressing both male and female officers of higher rant, and "Ma'am" was just a personal preference by Janeway. But that's been covered better by others. the real question I guess, is do you go with something gender neutral but not always lore or dialog flow friendly to appease players who don't remember the shows, or do you stick to the lore and write off any complaints as the players own look-out? I'd be inclined to the latter, myself, but I guess that's a matter of personal preference and/or style, and doesn't have a real "right" answer.

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