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Originally Posted by aestu View Post
...QQ. They didn't even give them lore quotes.

Seems like really lazy/rushed design.
Probably not lazy/rushed, there's just a different crew there, now. As you may/may not know - Heretic isn't around anymore. The DOff system was his baby and he cared for it deeply. You could tell he put a lot of effort into the system. He nurtured it, working with players like no other Dev I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure he put a ton of extra/personal time into the system, too.

This isn't intended as any sort of dis against Cryptic or whomever is carrying the DOff load now. But when you lose someone so like that, it's going to be noticed. Not only is Cryptic now "short-handed" in the DOff Deptartment, but it's (naturally) unlikely we'll see another Dev with the same dedication to DOffs as it's creator.

I'm sure we'll see new/fun/neat things in the system in the future, but personally I think the Golden Age of DOffing ended when Heretic left Cryptic.

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