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12-24-2012, 02:13 PM
To all KDF players,
I'm going to say this as nicely as possible. Stop all your whining, ********, moaning, and gripping about the lack of KDF content and instead use that time to get off your asses and get more people interested in playing the KDF.
Cryptic is a company that just so happens to develop games, and games aren't exactly cheap to make, hell their electric bill alone would make most people want to cry. That said, they have to balance player wants with what will make them money to keep development going. Fact is not only is the KDF not making them money, but as has been stated they have lost money on the KDF. And please enough with the "if you build it they will come" BS, chances are they won't. If you really want KDF content then where are the forum petitions to get cryptic to port really well made foundry missions into the official episodes, where is the push to get more people interested in the KDF, and where are the discussions both from KDF and NON-KDF players on what needs to be changed and why they don't play KDF so that can be looked at.
Yes Cryptic wanted a KDF faction ready to go pre-launch well welcome to the real world sh%$ happens. The Biggest downfall to anything Klingon is that they are like the Borg, they've been used so much and for so long there really isn't anything new to them, and to be honest they aren't really all that interesting.
If season 8 has the KDF content you're all dreaming of them good on you and I'll be happy for you, but if not then why not really take a step back and see what you can constructively do, seeing as the same old whine, *****, moan, grip isn't getting you anywhere other than really putting people off the idea of playing as a KDF more than anything. Simple fact Star Trek is about humans interacting with aliens, and other than a very small percentage of players that is being mirrored here as well. Time for a new strategy guys.