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12-24-2012, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
Something to consider: the petition is not asking for NASA to start building the ship. It's asking for NASA to evaluate the technology proposed on the site.

You're right -- the chances of this ship ending up resembling any of the Enterprises are pretty much zero. But. If the petition succeeds, and NASA does examine the technology listed on the site, it could lead to a real ship with a more realistic configuration, that also looks appealing and inspirational.
It would be neat if all aerospace agencies in the world and the governments who had experience with space all got to gather. Not only uniting to build a ship but uniting together as a people for a common goal, a true UNITED (PEOPLE OF) EARTH like in star trek and in stargate Atlantis. Honest if we all pulled the resources and expertise from the whole world, this can be doable.

As for need can think of lots

1) Continue exploration ( its part of human nature)
2) Continue scientific study (human nature again)
3) Looking for other resources
4) Our planet is getting over polluted , need space
5) Motivation to develop new and better technologies
6) Tourism
7) Because we want to, most of us deep down

If it is put on hold or someone stops its, it will happen eventually its only a matter of time. Its not if but when.

And i say the when is now!