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12-24-2012, 03:32 PM
Having used tetryon weapons from rank VI through X, I can also relate tetryon weapon setups are terribly disappointing. The proc is, for the shield damage it does, equivalent to about one volley -- sure, dealing that to each shield quadrant and not merely facing shields is nice, but it's not going to proc enough to keep enemy shields suppressed once you've dropped them.

Which is the point, here -- suppressing shield regeneration, not dropping shields to begin with. Anybody can do the latter easily enough; the former is a little more problematic and what you need to do, especially running with a torpedo-heavy ship. Sure, if you get a string of lucky procs you feel it, but that doesn't happen often enough to justify a tetryon weapon loadout.

Polaron and phaser weapons are your friend in this regard, for the fact they drain power and can knock out the shields subsystem. Heck, if you can spare the tactical boff slot, equipping one beam array and target shields, and if you can spare the science boff slot drain energy, may be more effective than an entire tetryon weapon loadout.