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My main character is a Tac that flies an Excelsior Cruiser. I have my Threat Control skilled up to level 6, 8 beams, and lots of FaW love to spread around and gather the enemy's attention. In most STFs I tend to hog the aggro, even away from Escorts, which is exactly my intention because I'm also spec'd to tank and soak up tons of damage.

My point being is that it is possible for a Cruiser to steal threat from Escorts even without the Threat Consoles. I expect those will make it easier. I haven't used them on this Main, though I am considering it (to increase my threat... What can I say? I like the attention.)

I have used a -Th console on one of my Alts: a Sci flying an Escort. She doesn't get attacked much, but I'm still working on her build and her damage output isn't so hot, so I don't know if the console is the reason why she's ignored or just her bad build. lol

Here's a post from Borticus with more info on how the consoles work and how they combine with the TC skill:

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
There is no +/- Resistance associated with the Threat Scaling portion of these consoles. These are solely Threat modifying additions, and are not directly associated with the "Threat Control" skill (though they do interact with one another).

How they work is very simple... without any additional variables thrown into consideration, 1 point of damage equates to 1 point of Threat against any particular AI enemy. Therefore 100 Damage = 100 Threat.

If you are using a Console or Skill that increases your Threat by 10%, then 100 Damage becomes 110 Threat, causing that particular enemy to consider you more dangerous than a friend that deals the same damage without any Threat modifiers.

Conversely, if you are using a -10% Console, that 100 Damage becomes 90 Threat.

This isn't restricted to damage, either. Proximity, healing, buffing, and a whole range of other actions will also add Threat to nearby AI enemies. These consoles modify all of those values.

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