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12-24-2012, 05:18 PM
2 TTs are perfectly fine, since you cant -even with doffis- get the CD under 15sec (so 2 TT+Doffis makes no sense either). This way you can use your doffis more efficiently, like Damage control engineers.
And the defiant is the perfect BO-Build for 2TT. Even with shared cooldown, they are far better than 1TT+Doffis (at least for the defiant).

And since they have a -partially- shared CD(30sec for the activated, 15 for the second one), they cant be overridden. That only applies to Tactical Fleet in a team.

The Cast time would be less than one second for both

And when using TT1 and TT3 its the same as 2TT1. Everything else is a bug. Its the same with CRF1+3, by activating one, the other gets a 15sec cooldown, the activated a 30sec...