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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I guess this is your first skilled MMO where the cast time is the same as all other so when you cast TT at Esign your other ensign cast it as well which it doesn't take effect.It would be better say if you use TT3 instead if you are going to use 2TT this way one dpoesn't get overriden or over cast.
OMFG, now you really proofed to be a total noob...the "every 15 sec TT1" is a proven fact. Do you even check anything before you state it on a forum?
Forget it anyway, nobody takes you serious around here anyway.

PS: what is a "skilled" MMO anyway? Out of curiosity i googled that nonsense word and the first hit was ofcourse the one thing you are definately not x-a
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