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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Elite versions of these missions would probably be the easiest method for players that prefer STF content over other content.
/signed +1.

Those missions take about as much time as an E-STF, but award half the Marks. If I could play an Elite version that paid out about the same as a run of ISE or KASE, I'd be down.

After the initial couple of days exploring Mol'Rihan for her accolades, the rest of the planet is a mind-numbingly boring grind... Spend 10-15mins "repairing" consoles or killing the same five-respawning open-world Tal Shiar officers to get 10 Romarks? I didn't sign-up for STO to pick-up dropped Engineering Reports. Ugh.

The space Patrol isn't as aweful, and when I want some easy point'n'shoots I'll faceroll through for the 50-ish Romarks that rewards...

Fortunately for me, for some reason I happen to enjoy Epohh Farming for Romarks, but probably only because it takes 5min a day and every 5 days I get 400 Romarks.

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