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12-24-2012, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by c0mbustiblelemon View Post
I've got an idea... how about you just Nerf the mines in PVP... that's where the problem originated!

My tricobalt mines are useless now thanks to PVPers... i don't PVP! and i don't know why PVEers should have to put up with people hoplessly whining about how things are too powerful. -.-

there will be a counter argument soon saying how they've been nerfed too much.

This is a big mistake... a little too much nerfing, Tricobalts are suppose to be POWERFUL Subspace weapons!

gonna remove my tricobalts now and replace them with Photon mines... as they will probably do more damage... meaning the TCD Mk XII purple is useless now too

Not Happy D:
Okay, here is what you're not understanding. The Devs didn't nerf them because of PvPers alone. They don't want PvE players 1 shotting 1 million HP NPCs such as gateways in STF's, or Tactical Cubes or any other NPC. It was being used more by PvE players as an exploit, not as a legitimate tactic. You guys were completely bypassing mission steps, you got it nerfed, not us. We just brought it to their attention, something you weren't willing to do because it took away your "I-Win" buttons, oh my! You were exploiting bugs to achieve results the Devs never intended. That is all.

Oh btw, Most PvP teams or any group of 5 PvPers can finish Elite STF's in a matter of 5-7 minutes without resorting to cheap tactics. Just saying.