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Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
You aren't really in a position to comment on the state of a game that by your own admission you don't play.
I really do not believe I made a comment either way for how great S-7 is for STO. I believe the statement was that it was decent for Bethesda. Many $65 buys have been made for Skyrim, along with the additional funds for plug-ins and expansions, and they got to enjoy the cash made from their game.

This is often the end result when developers do NGEs or mini NGEs (changing the way their game works via changes or nerfs) but the market will tend to flush these situations out. In this case, Cryptic's development plans have done some good for another company, pretty much was the same with the original NGE over in Galaxies with SOE.

These developers know history, Jackalope has been around for a long time. And the fact that STO could be possibly suffering loss of playerbase due to their CHANGES was easily forseen as a possible problem.

And BTW, this is coming from a closed beta vet with all the vet days since pre-launch.