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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's funny how I keep forgetting that's even there. That might work for farming on my KDF guys... there's no point in hitting Ker'rat for farming on my Fed, there's so many faster and potentially less means to do it. Now if only my Feds had some Empire Defense to zip through for Dil...meh.
I found it useful for farming up resources (esp. EC) on my post-S7 Engineer, without the temptation to go Fed Hunting that generally sidelined me in Kerrat-plus no spawn-campers so it does go faster.

Of course, if it turns popular, it's a great way to gin up some Klink-on-Klink, the entry simply assigns you a side there, so PvP is possible there, just that it's so empty so much of the time it doesn't really happen much.
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