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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
do you have any plans to post a vesta aux2bat dps build sorry to ask its just you have a lot of skill.
do you feel aux cannons are any good or should I use plamsa on the vesta as it works with the part gens ?

On my eng assault cruiser regent im going to use the gas console also on my eng im hoping to get 125/125/98/5 just like ocp001 did.
2 Aux2Bat Vesta Build (theory craft, Tactical Vesta for a Tactical Captain):

COM Sci: HE 1 / TSStr 2 / VM 1 / PSW 3 -or- TBR 3

LTC Engineer: EPtS 1 / Aux2Bat 1 / EWP 1

LT Eng: EPtA 1 / Aux2Bat 1

LT Tac: TT 1 / CRF 1 -or- CSV 1

ENS Sci: TracB 1 -or- PH 1

DOffs: 3 Technician DOffs (Minimum 2 Purple, 1 Blue), 2 Systems Engineer DOffs (VM, chance for VM to reoccur)


Fore: 3 Plasma DHC's

Aft: 1 Plasma Beam Array, 2 Plasma Mine Launchers


Def: Elite Fleet Axion Deflector w/ Partgen Buff.

Engine: MACO Mk. X+

Shields: MACO Mk. X+

Hangar: Romulan Scorpion Fighters or Danube Runabouts


ENG Consoles: Tackyokinetic Converter / Romulan Crit Chance console

SCI Consoles: 4 Particle Generators, preferably Romulan w/ Plasma Damage Proc

TAC Consomes: 4 Plasma Energy Weapon consoles


As I said, it's just a theorycraft. I'm sure someone with practical experience could do it better. Make sure to have a keybind to call your team healer for help.