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12-24-2012, 06:57 PM
That "dreadnought" BOFF layout is one of the biggest things wrong with the free Bortas.

My proposal, since you apparently didn't read it, was..

4 fore
4 aft
10 base turning
0.15 impulse modifier
1.0-1.05 shield modifier
30,000 hull
900 crew
+10 Weapons


Lt.Cmdr Uni
Lt Tac
Cmdr Eng
Ens Eng
Lt Sci


4 eng
1 sci
4 tac

Could alternatively do:

4 eng
2 sci
3 tac

It'd basically be a Bortas, that we got free last year, with much worse defenses, much less crew, and better maneuverability. It'd have the defensive capabilities of the tier 4 Vor'Cha, with the weapons, consoles and BOFFs of the tier 5 ships.

It'd be a stand-in battlecruiser, just like the K'Vort was supposed to be.

It's not going to have the effectiveness of the Fleet Vor'Cha/Tor'Kaht due to only being a 9 console boat, having less shields, hull and crew. It'd also lack the Flor'Kaht'Cha's +10 engine power.

It's not going to be as tanky as the Negh'Var or Bortas because it has much less hull, shields and crew, but it has better maneuverability. It also lacks the Bortas' +15 weapons power bonus.

I could also argue that the KDF has no intermediate battlecruiser.

You're either stuck with the garbage default Negh'Var, staying with a tier 4 ship, buying the terrible Bortasque, or getting a fleet ship. This could make a good, solid tier 5 ship, without replacing anything else, and without introducing capabilities that no other KDF ship can match.

Because no free ship should do that.

Which would be...well..? If it wasn't BETTER you would not WANT it.
I'd want it because it's a neat ship that's available for a limited amount of time, for free, "celebrating" one of the best episodes of TNG.

A ship doesn't have to replace anything I've already got for me to want it..

I'd want the Ambassador even if it was nothing more then a reskin for the tier 4 Galaxy...I'd still want it..