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Originally Posted by mal00 View Post
Eng: Neutronium x2, RCSx2
(note if ur not worried about ur turnrate then u can take 4 neutronium)
Sci: Assimilated console, zero pt E conduit, tet glider and shield emitter amp or field generator depending on the shield ur using (if ur using MACO shield then drop 1 or both neutronium move one of the universal console to eng slot and take extra shield console)
Tac: tet console or quantum (since the tholian fighters have tet and quantums)

For Boff I would drop FAW since u have 4 innate target subsystems and the have joint CD take TS1 or HY1 instead, also drop feedback pulse and take maybe tractor beam, tract repulsors or grav well
Forget RCS`s on carrier, thats just wasted slot, u dont benefit from it at all, also tac consoles DON`T boost your pets dmg, so it rly doesnt matter, altho i would suggest to use tetryon wps and tholian fighters. Tac team is one off the most important abilities in the game, if u are not distributing your shields, you will melt like butter.
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