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12-24-2012, 08:11 PM
Klingon Academy. Still my fave Trek game. Yes dated now but the combat was the best for shear damage dealing graphically. You can blast huge chunks out of each other Wrath of Khan style. Warp nacells get blown off, Saucers get ripped in two revealing redglowing deacks! Phasers leave huge scars. Bird of prey wings get blown off... Got look it up on you tube.

Thats what Id like to see. KA damage to ships but using the modern graphics of STO.

Som would complain that when you heal the warp nacelle etc would miraculosly reappear. Well the surface skin damage seen in current games just vanish and you do respawn.

Its fun though in KA it was fun chasing a miranda and hitting it with torps. Boom there goes the nacelle and the ship tries to escape with its engines blown. Hehe.
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